Panhandle Window Tinting


The entire procedure took about 2 hours. Upon coming to Panhandle (I think), they describe to me their various tints. In addition, he showed me just how much heat that they could reduce by placing every tinted glass facing a heat lamp. They give many choices from low price ($200) to about ($400), it is all dependent on the grade you desire and want. Not stating that the minimal cost option is not fantastic quality cause it's. You cannot go no way in almost any choice you decide on. Additionally, they provide a lifetime guarantee on their own tints! That alone is evidence that they stand behind their own job. While your car has its own windows tinted, I opted to wait in their waiting place and also then catch up on a few mails. The workers behave in a professional manner while they perform their job. After my tint was finished, they moved over the things they went and did on their lifetime guarantee. Total I recommend their job. I believe that it's a fairly priced and fantastic quality.
Chris C.
I will get to the point. Panhandle Window Tint is my brand-new go-to window tint place. Their support and high quality of work is outstanding. He is accommodating, polite, and light when responding through the phone. Rates are extremely reasonable and They're effective (at least three men working on a vehicle) I'd regular aftermarket privacy tint in my car, but opted to get a darker ceramic duvet since I spend a great deal of time on the street. My automobile is definitely much cooler after sitting outside in the sun daily. Alex implemented the Rayno Nano Carbon Ceramic Ghost S7 tint, which can be an exceptionally higher excellent tint based on a lot of testimonials and opinions from additional tint stores. -Quick and Reaction -Cheap pricing for high quality (and operational) tint -Quick turnaround and accommodations that are elastic
Caleb R.
Very professional and well-run tint shop. Asked to get a quote throughout Yelp and the owner contacted me directly to help locate me the ideal tint at the perfect cost. I suggest making an appointment prior to going too. It is very simple and their system automatically sends text message reminders. This had been my first time getting my windows tinted so that they were able to walk me through the gaps in the many films. The service takes about 1-1.5 hrs. to finish and they have a waiting room with water and snacks. Employees at the store are really chill and be certain you're aware of any issues or watch-outs that they run into. Transparency and honesty is a huge plus, particularly when coping with car related matters. They've a generous warranty so that it appears that they stand behind their own work, which is quite reassuring. Overall a simple and problem-free experience. Highly recommend this store to anyone interested!
Brittney H.
Good tint shop with a variety of top tier picture brands to pick from a very reasonable price point. Best notch customer service and turnaround time. They will go through all of the options in detail and also make solid recommendations based on your requirements and criteria. Certainly, my new go to dye store though it's a tiny push for me. The available choice, price purpose, and client experience beats all of the other shops in my area.
David M.
I had an appointment on a Friday at 2pm to get my windows tinted on my brand-new Landrover. John asked how dark I wanted my windows and showed me the options they had. I requested 20% for the rear windows even though the option was not listed and he kindly accepted my request. It took about an hour and a half to finish my vehicle and that was the time John said it would take. If you are looking for a place to get your windows tinted I would definitely recommend coming here!
Stephanie R.
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